KTI, Inc. | World Class Electron Beam & Laser Welding ManufacturerKTI, Inc. | World Class Electron Beam & Laser Welding Manufacturer
World Class Electron Beam & Laser Welding Services

KTI, Inc. Company Profile

Since 1966, KTI, Inc. has earned a reputation of being a leader in the Electron Beam welding field. We have broad experience EB welding a variety of machined parts.

Why Companies Select KTI, INC.

  • Stock Tooling - which allows us to save you money and time on tooling/ fixturing.
  • NADCAP & FAA certification - assuring process controls and repetitive quality
  • ITAR Registered, Code # M26823
  • On time delivery - commitments due to our scheduling process and 2nd shift.
  • Competitive prices
  • Welding capabilities from a 12" cube up to 90" OD x 192" long
  • Assembly capabilities - when you are looking for a value added source
  • Small and large lot sizes - providing you a competitive option for your welding needs

The Markets We Serve

  • Aerospace (including FAA overhaul and repair of jet engine components)
  • Gas & Steam Turbine components
  • Gear Industry
  • Sensors
  • Medical Components
  • Electronics
  • Military
  • Machine Shops
  • Oil & Gas
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