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Electron Beam Welding of Long Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber Part

A Virginia nuclear physics laboratory asked KTI, Inc. to improve the quality of welds in vacuum chambers used in its’ research equipment. The client was seeking a way to minimize excess heat input, distortion, and variation in magnetic properties that result from conventional fusion welding.

KTI consulted with the customer to design an electron beam specific weld joint that optimized virtual leak performance at ultra high vacuum. The weld process was developed, and the performance of the design was validated at KTI using sample coupons provided by the customer. KTI fabricated clamping fixtures to secure the parts for welding using its’ internal machining capabilities. Electron beam welding of the 316L Stainless Steel component satisfied the full penetration requirement of .135”. The overall dimensions of the part were 126" long, 5.7" tall and 1.0” wide.

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Electron Beam Welding of Long Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber Part

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Electron Beam Welding of Long Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber Part Project Highlights

Product Name
Vacuum Chamber
Product Description
This assembly is a vacuum chamber used in a particle accelerator laboratory. KTI, Inc. electron beam welded 4 plates together to form a box section.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Weld Joint Design Consultation
  • KTI proposed a joint configuration concept, and suggested dimensions that would optimize "virtual leak" performance at high vacuum.
Custom Tooling
  • An existing KTI base plate was modified for adaptation to customer part.
  • Custom clamps fabricated to mate with customer part geometry.
Electron Beam Welding
  • Large sized chamber capacity utilized.
  • CNC motion used to track non-linear weld joint
Overall Dimensions
Part Dimensions:

Length: 126"

Width: 1.0"

Height: 5.7"
Weld Dimensions:

Joint Thickness: .135"

Weld Penetration Depth: .135" (100%)
Material Used
316L Stainless Steel
Industry for Use
Nuclear Physics
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer supplied specifications

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