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Electron Beam Continuous Strip Welding Services

Bi-Metallix, Inc. an ISO certified 9001:2015 company (part of the KTI group of companies) has over 40 years experience in electron beam continuous bimetal strip welding. KTI pioneered the world's first continuous strip welding process in the late 60's and it continues to be a process that only a handful of companies in the world can perform. This process allows us to weld together dissimilar, precious and non-precious metal alloys of varying thicknesses, tempers, tensile strengths, and conductivities into a single continuous strip.

Our continuous strip welding services have met the needs of diverse industries, from automotive and medical devices to electronic component manufacturing. In addition, our expert staff will aid clients in designing products that fully meet their needs.

With our electron beam continuous strip welding expertise, we offer improved productivity over other joining methods. This process allows our customers to stamp continuous coils of welded strip, rather than assemble individual components. This reduces both your material and labor costs by eliminating the scrap typically produced by a conventional milling or skiving process.

The electron beam process can also be used to selectively anneal a narrow zone along the length of the coil. Contact Bi-Metallix Inc. today to learn more about this unique welding process.

Welded Copper Coils

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Electron Beam Continuous Strip Welding Capabilities

Industry Focus
Medical Devices
Government Laboratories
Medical Testing
Military, Defense, and Homeland Security
Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Electron Beam Continuous Strip Welding Applications
Automotive Circuit Breakers
Cellular Phones & Wireless Communications
Computers & Computer Games
Consumer Electronics
Energy Management
Household Appliances
Hybrid & Electric Cars
Medical Devices
Residential Circuit Breaker
"Smart" Electronic Products
Thermostatic Controls
High Purity
Higher Welding Speeds
Minimal Distortion
Minimizes Secondary Operations
Precise Control Over Penetration Precise Process Control
EB Welding Can Join:
  • Dissimilar Metals & Alloys
  • Materials w/ Different Thicknesses
  • Materials w/ Different Conductivities
  • Materials w/ Different Coefficients
Continuous Coils
Max (Finished Dimensions)
6 in
152.4 mm
.010 in
.254 mm
.120 in
3.048 mm
Industry Standards
Work is done to Individual Customer Specifications.
ISO 9001:2015
RoHS Standards
Welding Operation
Additional Services Provided
Tooling and Fixturing
  • Weld Development Process
  • Weld Joint Design
  • Material Selection
  • Sectioning
  • Etching
  • Microscopic Evaluation
Research and Development
Stress Relieving
Eddy Current Inspection
Flattening and Straightening
Tension Leveling
In-Line Cleaning

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